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3 Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Find the Charm in Your Kitchen

Before you decide to completely redecorate or renovate, appreciate what you already have. What do you love about your kitchen? Is it the layout? The cabinets? The countertops? Find something that you already love about your kitchen and use that as the focal point to enhance your kitchen. It’s important to appreciate the foundation. After, do the research and find similar kitchens to your own. See how they enhanced their space and create a vision board of similar kitchen makeovers.

Tip # 1: Update Your Cabinets

Cabinetry is expensive. Instead of replacing them, reface your cabinets by replacing the doors. It’s a more affordable trick to getting a newer-looking kitchen without the pricey cost. Other tricks to try: remove the cabinet doors for a modern open-shelf look, update your kitchen hardware, and/or paint your cabinets!

Make a List & Cleanse

Once you have identified what you love, it’s time to identify what you want to change. Curate a list of ALL of the enhancements you want to make to your kitchen. This gives you the chance to get as detailed as possible. Look at every nook and cranny and write down what you want to change. After you have spent a few hours ( or days) obsessing over the little things, cross off the ones that aren’t worth the money. Let go of the little details that people won’t see. Figure out the details that are worth the splurge. Do you want new light fixtures? Do you want a new backsplash? Focus on what will bring value to your kitchen.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

One of the easiest tricks to enhancing your kitchen is upgrading your light fixtures. Get rid of the old outdated lights that have been hanging in your kitchen for years. Find new modern, contemporary, or boho styles that will brighten up your room. If you don’t feel like splurging for new light fixtures then try spray painting your old ones, using a conversion kit, or update the shades.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

Once you have selected what you want to enhance in your kitchen, it’s time to make a budget and MAXIMIZE it! Research and get quotes to see how much it will cost to make your enhancement(s). If you can turn it into a DIY project then that’s amazing!. Most people aren’t handy and will need help from a professional. It’s important to have a realistic idea of how much it will cost to complete the changes you desire within your budget. Figure out strategic ways to swap expensive materials with affordable dupes. That might mean leaving behind your dream tile for an affordable look-alike. That might make room in your budget to purchase those light fixtures you have saved in your cart.

Also, don’t forget to have some flexibility in your budget for any surprises. During a project, contractors and other professionals love to discover problems in your home that you didn’t even know were there. And they’re never cheap!

Tip #3: Paint Your Walls

The most affordable way to transform your kitchen is by painting your walls. The right color can enhance your kitchen and set the mood in your home. Try a crisp white for a clean look or go for a darker tone like olive or navy to add some sophistication to your space.

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